7 reasons why you need to benefit from our maid services
October 2, 2020
7 reasons why you need to benefit from our maid services


Do not worry about cleaning anymore

Cleaning is never a pleasant experience for anyone, everyone prefers to be relaxed after a day’s work and not having to clean. Yet, whether it is about a commercial building or your home, cleaning is inevitable for many obvious reasons. Clentec Cleaning provides you with a variety of services that you can benefit from so that you do not have to worry about cleaning ever again. You will have peace of mind in knowing that you have left the work to professionals and it will be done right and efficiently.

Commercial & Domestic Professional and Efficient Service

One of the advantages that comes with choosing Clentec for cleaning services in Malta & Gozo is that we will provide you with professional service throughout. We always make sure that we are efficient in all that we do. All our staff are discreet and will make sure that they are never in the way, especially when working within an office or business environment. They will make sure to be delicate with items that are fragile and yet will still provide you with a spotless finish.??

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The little things you hate to do

Although cleaning in itself is not something very pleasant, there are some things that are even more annoying to clean. There are also various individuals that will only clean wherever is visible and will not do a thorough job. However, Clentec will clean upholstery, carpets, windows and all the other nooks and crannies that you usually hate to clean but have to do from time to time. Whether you need cleaning services for offices, homes or even commercial establishments you can rest assured that your premises will always be in top shape and as an extension you will be providing the perfect image to anyone who visits.

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Sanitisation plays a major role

Cleaning is well and good, but how much better would it be if you knew your premises could also be sanitised? Unfortunately we cannot see germs therefore they can be anywhere and we seek to sanitise escalators and public toilets, which are areas that are used by many people and can be a great source of contamination.??Clentec offer a Verification sticker on completion of every cleaning job.

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Cleaning packages

We provide cleaning packages to various entities such as hospitals and clinics, which obviously need intensive cleaning that can only be done by true professionals. We also offer these services to offices, nurseries, schools, colleges and so on. We can also offer you waxing and polishing services for that wonderful finish that only professionals can provide you. If you need laundry services, that too can be part of the service package that we offer.

Internal and external work
Our company works with both internal and external cleaning, as we understand that whether it is a business or a home, it is not only the interior of the premises that can get dirty and sometimes the outdoor cleaning is even more inconvenient than anything else. We have all the tools and the experience to be able to clean thoroughly without damaging any surface. So if you happen to be worried about those huge showroom windows that need some serious cleaning, we will provide you with a spotless finish each time.

When cleaning is an emergency we are there for you

If you have suffered from a flood it is understandable that you might be worried about damages to your property. We come to you immediately and make sure that we are available to you twenty-four hours a day so that you can rest assured that minimal damages happen in these dire cases.

Solar Panel Cleaning

We understand that solar panels might seem delicate to you and you might not be very willing to clean them. That is where we come in, with the latest technology that we always invest in, you can rest assured that we will clean your panels thoroughly without damaging them whatsoever.

Clentec is your cleaning partner company in Malta for cleaning services in commercial and domestic ensuring that your business can always create the right impression. Click here for a quote