Clentec attends INTERCLEAN show
October 2, 2020
Clentec attends INTERCLEAN show

Clentec Cleaning is proud to be attending this year’s prestigious ISSA/Interclean cleaning and innovations fair in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

A collaborative event in association with ISSA, The European Cleaning Journal, ECJ and UFI, the 25th Edition of ISSA/Interclean will feature over 650 exhibitors in 50,000 square metres of exhibition space. This expo will showcase all of the latest cleaning innovations under one roof, including the very best and award-winning products in cleaning and hygiene.

This event will feature exhibits from all across the world and many leaders in the cleaning industry will be present, trendsetting new cleaning products, eco-technologies and also presenting the Amsterdam Innovation Award 2014, to those products that are considered the most innovative in today’s industry. There will be various daily cleaning seminars, workshops, debates and presentations from exhibitors and the associations involved.

Clentec Cleaning will be joining various other cleaning companies, manufactures and other alliances to further expand their knowledge, to improve their cleaning services and unique line of environmentally-friendly Eco Tree cleaning products and detergents in Malta.

The first ISSA/Interclean show was held in 1998 and since that the international alliance has grown enormously to become the leading cleaning show in the world. Clentec Cleaning has decided to take its experience and achievements to new levels, gaining knowledge and new technologies from industry leaders, further expanding its drive for success.