Commercial Cleanining Services for Restaurants, Bars, Shopping Malls and more
October 2, 2020
Commercial Cleanining Services for Restaurants, Bars, Shopping Malls and more


We at Clentec Cleaning Services Malta offer our clients a selection of specialised cleaning services and solutions designed to keep a number of commercial establishments clean and hygienic.

1. Commercial Cleaning: Nightclubs

Nightclubs can become super messy. There is always a lot of work to be done when the place is closed for the night in order to prepare the establishment for another evening of heavy usage. This means that just sweeping and mopping the floors simply won’t do. Our team of cleaners at Clentec Ltd are trained in a manner that will cater to your venue’s specific needs in a professional and strict manner. Our teams use high-strength cleaning products and are equipped with the necessary tools needed for carpet and upholstery cleaning, floor brushing and more.

2. Commercial Cleaning: Bars

We offer 365 a day cleaning service to a range of bars, nightclubs and other spots that see heavy traffic. Bars are places where people tend to let their hair down – this means that it is quite easy to get the place dirty in a relatively short time. That is why we at Clentec Ltd present our clients with a specialised all-year-round cleaning service that will be done on a daily basis.

3. Commercial Cleaning: Restaurants

Restaurants are places that need to be super sanitary and clean at all times. Having a dirty place will not only affect your reputation but also your business as a whole. This means that you need a team of hands-on individuals who will give your establishment the attention that it requires.
Our team is trained to keep your restaurant compliant with health and safety codes. This means that we will sanitise all areas, empty grease traps and even clean cookware and other equipment.

4. Commercial Cleaning: Hospitals

Hospitals and clinics house some of the most vulnerable citizens, this means that they need to be cleaned up in a careful but thorough manner. We at Clentec Ltd offer our customers a specialised medical premises cleaning service that will ensure not only a dirt-free environment but one that is free of germs, dirt, allergens, bacteria and other health hazards for both patients and staff personnel.

5. Commercial Cleaning: Shopping Malls

Hygiene and cleanliness are a must in commercial establishments like shopping malls and arcades. These places are pretty heavy on traffic, meaning that it is very easy for them to get unwanted germs and dirt. Moreover, if not maintained and cleaned on a regular basis, these places can easily house a range of unwanted contaminations and germs.

Clentec was launched in late 2001. Today the company prides itself as one of the leading cleaning service companies in Malta for commercial cleaning. If you would like to receive an instant quote please click here.