New Brand Identity for Clentec
October 2, 2020
New Brand Identity for Clentec

Following an internal competitors analysis and market segmentation exercise, a cross-departmental decision to strengthen Clentec Limited’s brand and corporate identity early in 2017 is already exhibiting positive preliminary signs. Clentec’s new approach to management, consisting of a new corporate and visual identity, is intended to nurture a sense of commitment to its customers from both senior management and its staff. Through this rebranding process, Clentec intends to capitalise on its years of experience in order to position itself as a high-quality and reliable service provider of choice within the local cleaning industry.

In order to ensure that this process yields the best results possible, Clentec’s directors have engaged Zheta International, a leading website design and development company, to spearhead the rebranding process based on Clentec’s analyses.

Zheta International have encapsulated Clentec’s All Purpose Cleaning Services within a new and improved logo which has been designed in such a way as to incorporate the core company value of a Clean and Healthy Environment. This design has been adapted to allow the company to pursue both traditional and online marketing avenues. This stylish, minimalistic design has evolved from the company’s previous logo into a unified and clean concept. The logo’s dark blue colour scheme has been substituted with a palette of youthful tones that are intended to catch the eye and which complement the typeface which is suitable for any medium. This has ensured that the logo is both modern and flexible.

Clentec is intended to be instantly recognisable and to bring about a sense of familiarity to those who see it. For this reason, it was a pivotal element in the company’s rebranding process. Clentec’s fleet of vehicles already bear the company’s revived logo and therefore, this new identity is already being marketed across the island through a high-visibility, direct marketing approach. By broadening Clentec’s visibility, a sense of separation and distinction from the status-quo is being launched and Clentec’s client base is growing.

The new brand spans far beyond a new logo, but has been applied to a variety of marketing materials, from stationery and business cards to a corporate folder and new brochure designs. Further marketing applications, including façade signage, bus stop advertisements, and a social media campaign will be rolled out gradually over the coming months. A brand transition calendar has been created to ensure that the process yields the best results possible and to maximum visibility. A new website will also be designed and launched in due time.