Spring Is Here: Top 5 Benefits Of Getting a Company like Clentec Cleaning to Spring Clean your Home
October 2, 2020
Spring Is Here: Top 5 Benefits Of Getting a Company like Clentec Cleaning to Spring Clean your Home

Spring cleaning is a great way to keep your home up to standard. Presenting a thorough cleaning to your home will present you with a range of benefits. From having a super tidy home to decluttering your house, spring cleaning will provide you with a great number of advantages. It is also a renowned fact that providing your home with a stellar spring cleaning, will also present you with better health. Here are the top five benefits of getting us at Clentec Ltd to spring clean your home.

1. Day to Day Domestic Cleaning

Our maid cleaning service is a great way of taking up spring cleaning in a slow and steady manner. By choosing this cleaning service, you will be able to get more free time in your schedule, as our team of expert cleaners will be taking care of a number of cleaning jobs for you. This service entails floor sweeping and washing, along with furniture cleaning, home polishing and also bathroom cleaning. This service also includes a home sanitising solution that will rid you of any pesky allergens, germs and debris.

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2. We will do the jobs that you cannot

We at Clentec Services Ltd will also present you with a range of domestic cleaning solutions that will provide you with clean windows – inside and outside. This service is offered by our team of window cleaners. From patio glasses to upper floor windows, there is no height we cannot reach. Moreover, our team of window cleaners employ a number of health and safety precautions thanks to the number of tools and equipment which we provide them with.

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3. Get rid of any allergens

Apart from general home cleaning, we at Clentec Cleaners also offer our clients a specialised upholstery, floor and carpet cleaning service. This domestic service is designed to clean up any fitted rugs or carpets, along with other home upholstery, such as curtains and sofas. This means that your family can enjoy a clean and hygienic environment, free from allergens, dust and bacteria.

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4. We offer designated solutions

We at Clented Ltd also offer a specialised spring cleaning service. This is a thorough all-over cleaning solution for your home that will restore and maintain your floor tiles and get all of your furniture cleaned inside and out. This service is also designed to keep all of your household goods as clean as possible. We will get to all the difficult nooks and crannies which are hard to reach. This service comes in conjunction with personal belongings cleaning as well, as clients can opt for our laundry cleaning services as well.

5. We can even clean the forgotten bits

Our solar panel cleaning service is designed to not only help you get rid of any dust that is accumulated on your solar panels but also to help you get the maximum amount of energy out of them. Thanks to this service, your solar panels will be good as new – free of any stains, bird droppings, pollens, dust and other solar rays blocking debris.