Top Benefits Of Getting Your Solar Panels Cleaned
October 2, 2020
Top Benefits Of Getting Your Solar Panels Cleaned

Solar panels are a pretty neat thing to have in your home or premises. However, if you would like to have efficient solar panels that will present you with the maximum amount of energy that they can, you need to present them with regular cleaning.

It may seem like an added hassle, however by cleaning your solar panels, you can get an output increase of anywhere around 5% to 30%.

Solar panels can get blocked by a number of sources, including dust particles, debris, dead leaves and even bird droppings. These blockers will definitely lessen your solar panels' effectiveness, however, we at Clentec, one of Malta's leading cleaning services agencies, are here to help with our solar panel cleaning services.

1. Dirty panels mean power loss

Any debris, bird droppings or dirt particles will reduce your solar panel's ability to absorb the sun's rays in its full capacity. Solar panels are made up of several modules wired together, and each one of these modules is made up of solar cells. These cells are made up of semiconductive material. If these cells are not clean, less sunlight will be absorbed by them, meaning that less electricity will be generated too. This will present you with power loss.

2. Dirt may affect your warranty

When dirt builds up, it will not only affect your solar panel's electrical generation powers, but it can also damage the cells, modules and conductive materials in your panels. This can be seen as carelessness in terms of warranty, meaning that some companies do not cover these damages.

3. You will extend your solar panel's life

We all know that taking care of your objects means that you will be increasing their longevity. Whether the cleaning itself will prevent permanent module damage or even decrease any cell strains, you will surely be extending your solar panel's life when presenting it with maintenance solutions.

4. Clean solar panels will be more productive

As already stated before, cleaning your solar panels will provide you with more electrical generation. You can think of your solar panels as if they are your car's windscreen. If you never clean your windscreen you will have difficulty seeing through it, the more buildup there is, the more difficult your visibility will be. The same goes for solar panels, the dirtier they are, the less effective they will be in absorbing the sun's rays and turning them into electrical energy.

5. You won't have to worry about health and safety

By hiring us at Clentec to take care of your solar panels, you will be avoiding potentially dangerous situations. Our team members are equipped with all the necessary safety and cleaning tools. Getting on a roof can be dangerous if you are not equipped with the right safety gear.

Clentec was launched in late 2001. Today the company prides itself that it has achieved its goals and has become one of the most exciting and experienced cleaning companies in Malta. Receive an instant quote by clicking hereĀ