Top Reasons Why Your Office’s Server Room Needs To Be Professionally Cleaned On A Regular Basis
October 2, 2020
Top Reasons Why Your Office’s Server Room Needs To Be Professionally Cleaned On A Regular Basis


Server rooms are pretty much the backbone of any business. Without a fully functional server room, all of your valuable records will be in danger. A snag in a server room can lead to catastrophic incidents – your whole operation might have to stop, meaning that you will not only lose income but also customers. Taking care of your server room however is not only about presenting your equipment with regular maintenance services, but also in keeping the areas as clean and orderly as possible.

Here are the top reasons why your office’s server room needs to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis by a professional cleaning company

1. It will affect productivity

If dust particles get into your server room, chances are that they can make their way into your equipment as well. This would affect the performance of your machines in a number of ways. From obstructing ventilation systems to overheating your whole system, these are incidents that can be easily avoidable with a regular and thorough cleaning. An overheated machine in your server room can lead to fires, system breakdowns and even disturbances in terms of revenue.

2. It will increase your equipment’s longevity

By preventing dust particles from being carried into your server room, you will be increasing your equipment’s longevity. This is due to the fact that any dust that builds up in ventilators or fans inside your equipment will reduce the equipment’s ability to cool down when needed. The heat will affect your electronics’ lifespan, sensitivity and even performance, leading to unnecessary and costly failures or replacements.

3. It reduces electrical issues

Moisture, dust and other contaminants can bring about terrible consequences to your equipments’ inner circuits. This can induce short circuits, which can lead to fires and other accidents in the area.

4. Our cleaning tools are designed to keep your items working properly

We at Clentec Ltd hold a range of cleaning tools that will help in keeping your server room as clean as possible. From antistatic cleaning solutions to microfibre cloths, vacuum cleaners and corrosion-preventing solutions, we will be able to deep clean your room without causing any damage to your equipment.

5. You will have ease of access

If your servers ever do go down, you will need to access them as soon as possible. The faster you get access, the quicker you can solve the issue, however, if your server room is littered with cords and unused pieces, you will find it pretty difficult to understand which cord or part goes where. Having a cleaner server room will present your team with the ability to label items and using structure cables in a more fruitful manner.


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