Why Having Dirty Escalators Might Be Hurting Your Business
October 2, 2020
Why Having Dirty Escalators Might Be Hurting Your Business

We at Clentec Cleaning can present you with a specialised cleaning solution when it comes to escalator cleaning and maintenance. By presenting your commercial escalator with a range of cleaning services, you will be able to have cleaner premises, meaning that customers are more likely to visit your establishment. Having dirty escalators will do more harm than good to your business, but luckily for you, we at Clentec can help you sort this out in little to no time.

1. Your escalator will be slow

The more debris, dust and dirt is accumulated in your escalator's grooves, the slower it will become. Not only will this look highly unsightly, but it will also slow down your escalator greatly. Another disadvantage to this is that your escalator over time can become a hazard to your clients, dirty can increase the chances of machinery faults, which can lead to fires or complete breakdowns.

2. It's unhygienic

Everyone gets put off by dirt. Whether you own a hotel, an office building, an airport or a shopping centre, having a dirty escalator is extremely unhygienic. Escalators are heavy traffic areas, meaning that they will get dirty relatively quickly. The grooves in the tread area of escalators is a magnet for impacted dirt, and once the buildup starts, it can become extremely difficult to remove. This will present bacteria and other harmful germs with the perfect breeding grounds.

3. It gives a bad first impression

First impressions are the ones that count most, and every business owner can vouch for this. Having a dirty escalator will send the wrong signal to your customers. It will give a poor impression of your business to any current or potential customers, meaning that it can drastically hurt your business' reputation.

4. They are dirt magnets

This in itself is quite a huge issue. Whether your escalator is located in a health centre or in a mall, you definitely do not want your establishment to become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and allergens. We at Clentec hold a number of tools and machines that are designed to deep clean your escalator like no other. We also use a number of solutions and chemicals that are designed to eradicate germs and dirt.

5. It decreases safety

As we have already mentioned, a dirty escalator can slow down over time. This will cause a strain on the escalator's mechanics, and apart from causing faults and damages, it will also decrease the safety in your establishment. Numerous accidents can take place, from fires to the degradation of parts.

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