Commercial Cleaners Malta


No spilled drinks or muddy footsteps can stop them. They save Malta’s commercial areas from dirt and dust, clean every window and mop up every floor to make our lives healthier. Cleaners… working quietly around us, they fight a never-ending battle for cleanness, health and our comfort.

How Commercial Cleaning in Malta is done:

Cleaners in Malta start up early in the morning to be able to clean shopping centres and arcades before visitors arrive to start their shopping. They begin by cleaning the floors and go on to the public toilets and escalators too. Their thoroughness knows no boundaries so visitors can enjoy a safe and clean environment.

Every day they save the island’s most vulnerable citizens in hospitals by providing a professional cleaning service there too. Sanitisation in hospitals and clinics in Malta is a vital part of the process, avoiding any potentially harmful cross contamination.

Cleaners in Malta protect our children from many dangers by taking up the formidable challenge of keeping our schools clean as well. They never skip any teaching room, canteen or toilet and also fight with the germs in the playgrounds. But commercial cleaning in Malta does not stop there. Cleaners insist on helping the economy of Malta by taking over the task of the everyday cleaning for a wide range of companies and firms. Their work ensures that employees can spend their working hours in a healthy environment which makes them even more inspired and committed to the business, without having to take on the burden of cleaning themselves.

No matter if the task is the everyday cleaning of stores, showrooms or factories or the complete first-time cleaning of newly constructed homes or commercial buildings – cleaners are prepared for every challenge. They are silently working everywhere to improve the commercial life of Malta.

If every cleaner is a hero there are some superheroes among them. They are the most outstanding commercial cleaners in Malta who can do all of the above written jobs for you. Clentec Cleaning company has years of experience and exceptional professional knowledge which makes them one of the best commercial cleaning companies in Malta.

The equipment needed for Commercial Cleaning in Malta

The commercial cleaners of Clentec are working with the most modern equipment to aid them in performing a perfect service. With industrial machines they can clean carpet and upholstery and entire shop floors in minutes, for instance.

In the fight against dirt and germs they also have to deploy some chemicals, but professional cleaners in Malta are aware of what damage these products can do to the environment. Products are not purchased unless they are up to ISO standards meaning that they are not harmful or toxic in any way.

Cleaning vehicles also form important part of the commercial cleaning services offered in Malta. Clentec has a fleet of small vans and large vehicles to get the job done on time. For windows and large industrial cleaning they have special cranes and lifting devices to reach even the toughest of windows.

Commercial cleaning in Malta is the passion of all Clentec employees, and our aim is always to make the lives of our citizens healthier, safer and more enjoyable.