Keeping the Home Clean - Cleaning Services in Malta

There is nothing more important to one’s health and wellbeing than being able to live, work and rest in a clean, hygienic and safe environment. Day to day cleaning rituals may seem cumbersome, but their importance cannot be underestimated. Bacteria, dust mites, dangerous chemicals and other contaminants can lurk in even the smallest of spaces.

In the commercial environment, image, cleanliness and health and safety are everything. Whether you are a small family business or a large corporation, a shopping centre, fitness centre, spa, showroom, factory, hospital or school, a clean environment creates the right impression of an organised and conscious company that provides a safe and pleasant environment for all staff and guests.

There are many ways that you can protect the welfare of you and the people around you, even before you need to request the help of professionals. There are many daily tips which you can use in the home, and routines to ensure that you always stay on top of the workload.

Often, a thorough clean is what is needed in order to rejuvenate the mind and to enhance one’s wellbeing. From maid services to carpet and upholstery cleaning, floor cleaning, waxing and polishing; a clean space feels like a new home environment. Even for those hard to reach areas of the home; do not simply ignore those dusty solar panels and those high windows; take the necessary health and safety precautions and hire a professional cleaner, one who has all of the equipment and expertise to do the job in a safe and efficient manner.

The kitchen is the most important area to keep clean, and in Malta kitchens are kept thoroughly clean and hygienic from the floor upwards. Keeping the kitchen clean and sanitary is critical, particularly when the kitchen is shared with children and/or pets. Where raw food is cooked and handled, it is vital to follow cleaning procedures to ensure that nothing is contaminated and bacteria is kept away from cooked food, cutlery and kitchen sides. Regular disinfecting, using of plastic colour-coded cutting boards, washing hands between preparing different foods, and maintaining the fridge at the correct temperature (2.7 degrees Celsius) all ensure that the kitchen is safe and sanitary.

For those who suffer from asthma and allergies, cleaning the home regularly and following advice can make breathing indoors much easier. The most indispensable tool to use in no doubt the vacuum cleaner; you can ensure that all furniture, fabrics, upholstery, vents and crevices are regularly cleaned from dust which can contain pollen granules and other allergens. If you have fans or air-conditioning units, ensure that the vents and blades are wiped and dusted regularly, and that the air-filters are kept clean and changed when necessary. Even allergens from pet hairs, chemical cleaners and aerosols can linger in carpets and upholstery, and poor ventilation and Malta’s humidity can only add to the problem.

At Clentec, we understand the pressures of busy households and we also understand that here in Malta, image means everything. From keeping floor clean and waxed to ensuring that the office is kept tidy and organised, we can assist you in all day-to-day cleaning issues and the bigger tasks too.

Clentec Cleaning in Malta offers a wide range of specialist cleaning services tailor-made to suit your needs, and these include emergency cleaning, floor cleaning and polishing, solar panel cleaning and turnkey projects.