Office Cleaning Tips


A clean office means a clean and healthy work environment that is comfortable, organised and as relaxing as possible. When one spends forty or more hours a week within the office, the last thing that one needs to do is worry about keeping the space clean, organised and clutter free.

That is where professional cleaners come in. a professionally cleaned and fragrant office is a stimulating environment that gives your clients the right impression; that you are organised and on top of things. Clentec Cleaning offers the below advice for keeping and maintaining a clean office environment:

Filing systems

Keeping all paperwork together in files, in-trays and storage units works wonders for enhancing the office environment, as well as freeing up much needed space which is often in short supply.


Offices in Malta use an abundance of paper and other consumables and these could just as easily all be thrown straight in the garbage, however, all offices in Malta should include recycling into their cleaning policies and routines. Recycle rough papers and old documents and don’t print emails unless you really have to. Be sure to recycle those ink cartridges and electrical equipment responsibly too; these products can cause environmental damage if disposed of incorrectly.

Clean electronics

Electronic items within the workplace attract dirt and germs. Computer keyboards, mice and telephones are particularly efficient at harbouring bacteria and so these should be cleaned with electrical-friendly antibacterial wipes on a regular basis. 

Clean fans and filters

Air conditioning is a necessity in Malta’s summer office hours, yet these filters can quickly clog with dirt that can cause bacteria to develop and can cause health problems. Avoid the sick days and get the air conditioning filters cleaned and the units themselves serviced on a regular basis.

Maintain hand hygiene

Every office should contain hand sanitizer. Use this product before and after eating, using the bathroom and using electronic items to ensure that less contaminants end up back on your electrical items.

Keep floors clean

Dirty office floors are very unattractive to clients and to anyone else walking in and out, and with plenty of foot traffic and a preference in Malta’s offices for hardwood floors, these easily get marked and do a daily sweep and mop will go a long way towards freshening up the environment.

Maintain furniture

Once a month clear all items including trays, computer and other items from the tops of desks, tables and other surfaces and give them all a thorough clean with an all-purpose cleaner, and don’t forget to dust those books. Taking care of this once a month will save you time in the long run.

If you think that you are not up to the task, then you can always hire a professional. Professional office cleaners in Malta are thorough and experienced in keeping even the scruffiest of offices fresh, safe and above all, hygienic.