Protecting the welfare of you and your family should always be a top priority. There are many simple tips that you can follow every day, ensuring peace of mind and a cleaner, healthier environment for the family.

Avoid products with strong odours
Covering up an unpleasant odour with another strong odour can cause irritation of the eyes and skin and even cause headaches. The products with the strongest odours are not guaranteed to be the best products for the job.

Use household products to clean
Glass and windows require careful cleaning, and certain chemicals can do more harm than good. Simply use some vinegar to leave surfaces shining. Baking sodas are great for removing stubborn stains from carpets and upholsteries too, saving you the hassle and expense of buying chemical products. Even beeswax can be used to clean and polish wood.

Check labels
Most cleaning products contain toxic elements that could be dangerous to those with health issues or allergies. We recommend eco-friendly products such as our Eco-Tree line.

Keep pests away
To prevent spiders and other insects from getting into shoes, place old stockings rightly around them.

Reuse your aquarium water
Save water by emptying your aquarium water into houseplants, as it is full of nutrients and works as a natural fertiliser.

Fresh vacuuming
After vacuuming, drop some essential oils such as lavender near the vent where the hot air is released to blow the fragrance around the room.

Mask it with coffee
Mask unpleasant odours with coffee beans instead of powerful chemicals.

Keep kitchens clean, always
Keeping the kitchen clean and sanitary is even more vital than the bathroom, as here, raw and cooked food is handled and prepared. 

Keep separate
Protect your family by giving plenty of space between food preparation and any other items that may be on the sides, particularly when handling raw meats and eggs.

Clean all surfaces with disinfectant before chopping meat or food so that any dropped items land on a clean surface and can be retrieved. 

Proper hand washing
Wash hands thoroughly with antibacterial soap and warm water before preparing food and between handling different foods such as meat and vegetables.

Staying chilled
Ensure that your fridge is set to around 2.7 degrees Celsius.

Wash all fruits and vegetables to remove any contaminants, even those that will then have the peel removed.

Use plastic cutting boards when preparing meat, as these are more sanitary then wooden ones. Do not place cooked meat on the same surface that it was prepared raw on. Do not let raw meat or juices come into contact with fruits or vegetables. Use different coloured chopping boards for vegetables and meat, and ensure to choose one for meat and one for veg at all times.


Office Cleaning Tips

A clean office means a clean and healthy work environment that is comfortable, organised and as relaxing as possible. When one spends forty or more hours a week within the office, the last thing that one needs to do is worry about keeping the space clean, organised and clutter free.

That is where professional cleaners come in. a professionally cleaned and fragrant office is a stimulating environment that gives your clients the right impression; that you are organised and on top of things. Clentec Cleaning offers the below advice for keeping and maintaining a clean office environment:

Filing systems

Keeping all paperwork together in files, in-trays and storage units works wonders for enhancing the office environment, as well as freeing up much-needed space which is often in short supply.


Offices in Malta use an abundance of paper and other consumables and these could just as easily all be thrown straight in the garbage, however, all offices in Malta should include recycling into their cleaning policies and routines. Recycle rough papers and old documents and don’t print emails unless you really have to. Be sure to recycle those ink cartridges and electrical equipment responsibly too; these products can cause environmental damage if disposed of incorrectly.

Clean electronics

Electronic items within the workplace attract dirt and germs. Computer keyboards, mice and telephones are particularly efficient at harbouring bacteria and so these should be cleaned with electrical-friendly antibacterial wipes on a regular basis.

Clean fans and filters

Air conditioning is a necessity in Malta’s summer office hours, yet these filters can quickly clog with dirt that can cause bacteria to develop and can cause health problems. Avoid the sick days and get the air conditioning filters cleaned and the units themselves serviced on a regular basis.

Maintain hand hygiene

Every office should contain hand sanitizer. Use this product before and after eating, using the bathroom and using electronic items to ensure that fewer contaminants end up back on your electrical items.

Keep floors clean

Dirty office floors are very unattractive to clients and to anyone else walking in and out, and with plenty of foot traffic and preference in Malta’s offices for hardwood floors, these easily get marked and do a daily sweep and mop will go a long way towards freshening up the environment.

Maintain furniture

Once a month clear all items including trays, computer and other items from the tops of desks, tables and other surfaces and give them all a thorough clean with an all-purpose cleaner, and don’t forget to dust those books. Taking care of this once a month will save you time in the long run.

If you think that you are not up to the task, then you can always hire a professional. Professional office cleaners in Malta are thorough and experienced in keeping even the scruffiest of offices fresh, safe and above all, hygienic.


Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Keeping the kitchen clean can often feel like a full-time job; and you probably already have one of these. In Malta, with home cooking and preparing meals the favourite past-time for many, and with a busy eating and cooking schedule, children and pets, keeping on top of the kitchen cleaning can often feel daunting, yet there are several handy solutions to prioritising and breaking up these jobs, allowing you to make a little effort every day to prevent the kitchen from overwhelming you.

Below is a list of our everyday cleaning tips that are daily ‘must-dos’:

Prevent Contamination

Wipe down kitchen counters, surfaces, handles and other materials as soon as you have finished using them, to prevent food contamination.

Clean as you Cook

As you use pots, pans and utensils during the cooking process, leave them to soak in the sink as you work and then you can leave your food cooking whilst you scrub, rinse and dry. Then you can enjoy your meal and need to spend less time cleaning up afterwards.

Fridge Inventory

Go through your fridge and throw out any expired items and any food that may be spoiled. Make sure that food items are stored properly, and the fridge has space for the cold air to circulate efficiently.

Sweep and Trash

To prevent any unwanted pests; give the floor a quick sweep before you go to bed. Empty the rubbish and replace the liners every day. Apart from these daily jobs which can be done in no time at all, you should begin to adopt some weekly cleaning habits to make sure that your kitchen is always fit for use, no matter the time of day.

Shiny Appliances

Use a multi-surface cleaner to wipe down all fridges and freezers, microwaves, toasters and other appliances to remove smudges, dirt and grease. Don’t forget to clear the crumbs from behind/underneath!

Mop Floors

A freshly mopped and sparkling floor will smell wonderful and will prevent unwanted pests, and will transform the whole appearance of your kitchen with almost no effort.

Clean Garbage

Keep your rubbish bins from getting smelly by washing or hosing them down outside, particularly during Malta’s warmer summer months when such odours intensity. Don’t place new liners until dry.

For your more thorough fortnight or monthly cleaning, you can take care of those tougher jobs, such as the deep cleaning of the oven and grill, defrosting and cleaning the fridge and freezer, clearing out drains and giving your floors a deep scrub. All of these will ensure that you are always cooking for yourself and your family in a safe, clean and hygienic environment. 

Keeping on top of all of these domestic cleaning tasks might seem difficult, but start out with those you can manage, and see how many of the jobs you can get done during your free time. If you still think you cannot cope with the workload, it might be advisable to seek the services of a professional cleaning company in Malta, so that they can worry about your messy kitchen for you.


Maid Services in Malta

It is not always easy to make enough time in the day to keep up with those necessary household chores; those small, mundane little jobs that soon pile up over time. With children, busy lifestyles and long working hours it can be difficult to remain on top of these household duties. Yet, instead of struggling to fit everything in at the end of a long and tiring day, you can hire a cleaning company to give you some well-needed assistance, whilst providing you with a professionally cleaned and hygienic home.

At Clentec Cleaning we have a wide scope of clients from large corporations to smaller local businesses and offices, however, in Malta our cleaning services go beyond the business environment; we are here to assist busy households too. We provide the full range of domestic cleaning services in Malta, with professionally trained, vetted and fully insured cleaners that are dedicated and passionate about their work.

We can provide a cleaning routine that suits you, offering you a comprehensive and complete service tailor-made to suit your needs, whether you require a general cleaning once a week or a more thorough clean including carpets and upholstery, windows and solar panels less frequently. We can assist you with those jobs you cannot perhaps complete yourselves if you suffer from a disability or mobility issue.  Even if you simply need some extra help with those jobs that you simply do not have time for.  You may even enjoy cleaning and have time to take care of it yourself; however, some people still enjoy the benefits of a professional deep clean once in a while.

Whether you have a villa, an apartment or a townhouse, our maid services in Malta include everything from floor sweeping and mopping to furniture and upholstery cleaning, polishing, cleaning and sanitising of bathrooms and kitchens.

Our honest and dependable maids offer you total trust, security and peace of mind, whether you are at home or not. We ensure to give only the finest cleaning service, enhanced by a quality customer service that leaves your home fresh and your mind at rest.

The first step when thinking of hiring maid services in Malta is to seek out quality maids, which is why all of our maids are expertly trained and monitored. Their top priority is providing a cost-effective service that protects your home. You can even perform a cleaning trial; for the first time, your maid comes to clean, be at home to supervise and pinpoint any problem areas.

Weekends are often the only days that a family can enjoy quality time together, bonding, socialising and indulging in family outings. So why waste these precious moments cleaning when maid services can be your lifesaver? Many homes in Malta have relied upon the services of a maid, so why not see what benefits this service can offer you?

Cleaning Services in Malta

More often than not, taking care of the home or office cleaning in Malta is a task that demands hard work and can often be difficult to schedule. For these reasons, many people in Malta choose to rely on professional cleaning services; particularly large corporations, companies and busy homeowners. Even small businesses who cannot withdraw from business activities to spend valuable time on cleaning and maintaining their premises.

There are many types of cleaning services available in Malta, and the first step is to determine exactly what service you need, whether it is a regular commitment, one-off cleaning when required, first-time cleans, or indeed a more specialised service. Whether you are a home or office, make a list of all of the cleaning jobs that you would require a cleaning service to handle, and this will allow you to better determine the needs required.

With all of these cleaning needs listed, the next step in the process is to determine the services needed. At this stage, it is recommended to contact cleaning services you are interested in, and locate the one that meets your needs. Discuss all of your options, decide whether you would need a tailor-made cleaning service, how often cleaners would be required, and what additional services you may require from time to time. You can even ask about what chemicals and products are used if you have family members, pets or employees with allergies.

Choosing a professional cleaning service in Malta is all about selecting a reputable and hardworking company that will guarantee your satisfaction. Clentec Cleaning in Malta is a cleaning company that has been established for the last ten years and has gained a solid reputation for excellent service and competitive rates. Clentec’s full list of domestic and commercial cleaning services in Malta allows you to be free from unnecessary burdens, allowing you to get on with what is important to you.

Our full list of cleaning services includes: maid services, window cleaning, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, floor polishing and waxing, upholstery cleaning, office cleaning, shopping centres cleaning, hospital and clinic cleaning, first-time cleans, school cleaning, industrial cleaning,  solar panel and escalator cleaning. Clients can choose from one or many of our cleaning services, depending on their specific requirements. We ensure that all of our staff are trained and given the necessary health and safety equipment prior to all cleaning jobs, and we rely on specialist equipment and staff who are experts in their particular fields of cleaning.

You can request a free cleaning services quote today. 


Commercial Cleaners Malta

Cleaners in Malta start up early in the morning to be able to clean shopping centres and arcades before visitors arrive to start their shopping. They begin by cleaning the floors and go on to the public toilets and escalators too. Their thoroughness knows no boundaries so visitors can enjoy a safe and clean environment.

Every day they save the island’s most vulnerable citizens in hospitals by providing a professional cleaning service there too. Sanitisation in hospitals and clinics in Malta is a vital part of the process, avoiding any potentially harmful cross-contamination.

Cleaners in Malta protect our children from many dangers by taking up the formidable challenge of keeping our schools clean as well. They never skip any teaching room, canteen or toilet and also fight with the germs in the playgrounds. But commercial cleaning in Malta does not stop there. Cleaners insist on helping the economy of Malta by taking over the task of the everyday cleaning for a wide range of companies and firms. Their work ensures that employees can spend their working hours in a healthy environment which makes them even more inspired and committed to the business, without having to take on the burden of cleaning themselves.

No matter if the task is the everyday cleaning of stores, showrooms or factories or the complete first-time cleaning of newly constructed homes or commercial buildings – cleaners are prepared for every challenge. They are silently working everywhere to improve the commercial life of Malta.

If every cleaner is a hero there are some superheroes among them. They are the most outstanding commercial cleaners in Malta who can do all of the above-written jobs for you. Clentec Cleaning company has years of experience and exceptional professional knowledge which makes them one of the best commercial cleaning companies in Malta.

The equipment needed for Commercial Cleaning in Malta

The commercial cleaners of Clentec are working with the most modern equipment to aid them in performing a perfect service. With industrial machines, they can clean the carpet and upholstery and entire shop floors in minutes, for instance.

In the fight against dirt and germs, they also have to deploy some chemicals, but professional cleaners in Malta are aware of what damage these products can do to the environment. Products are not purchased unless they are up to ISO standards meaning that they are not harmful or toxic in any way.

Cleaning vehicles also form an important part of the commercial cleaning services offered in Malta. Clentec has a fleet of small vans and large vehicles to get the job done on time. For windows and large industrial cleaning, they have special cranes and lifting devices to reach even the toughest of windows.

Commercial cleaning in Malta is the passion of all Clentec employees, and our aim is always to make the lives of our citizens healthier, safer and more enjoyable.

Time to hire a Cleaning Service?

Signs you need to hire a cleaning service in Malta

Cleaning is something that has to be done, even if the majority of us do not look forward to it. With your home clean you can prevent health problems, and it is much more comfortable to sit in a tidy room than in a messy one.

Still, many of us have no time to do the cleaning as often as is ideal. You may work a lot or decide to spend some quality time with your family instead of dedicating time to housework – which is understandable. But in these cases, you may have to hire a professional cleaner. 

You should consider looking for a professional cleaning service in Malta if:

Housework is piling up

Especially if your home is large it can take time to clean it properly. After a while, you can get to the point where you are unable to keep every room clean and tidy because of the lack of time or energy. The housework will start to agglomerate and finally, you have to take a day off or spend a whole weekend cleaning instead of relaxing or spending time with friends or family.

You cannot find your things

If you are often frustrated because you cannot find important items in your home it means that your home is not organized enough. In this case, you may need help with the organization. A maid can help you to keep your belongings in place and can tidy away and organise these belonging that could lead to clutter.

You do not have equipment

Some jobs like window cleaning or carpet cleaning require special equipment which cannot be found in most households. Since these jobs do not have to be done as often you do not have to invest in the necessary equipment – find someone who can do the cleaning for you.

You are unable to do the cleaning

Some people may have health or mobility issues which keep them away from cleaning sufficiently. Cleaning services in Malta can help these people to live in a safe and healthy environment. So, if you live alone and are unable to do the cleaning of your home do not be afraid to ask for help.

You hate cleaning

Why spend your time doing something you hate when you can hire someone to do it for you? Contact Clentec Cleaning and ask them the cleaning services you need so that you can enjoy your beautiful home without worrying about its cleanness.

At Clentec Cleaning there are numerous cleaning services available. You can get a day to day maid service in Malta which includes sweeping, washing, furniture and bathroom cleaning, polishing and sanitizing, saving you time and giving you peace of mind throughout the day.

Expert Cleaning

 As Malta continues to expand its high rise office blocks, corporate buildings and solar panels, the necessity for maintaining and cleaning these spaces has increased dramatically. Cleaning services in Malta have had to adapt to these changes quickly, both in terms of materials and technologies and the range of products and services available on the cleaning market.

Solar panel cleaning services are relatively new in Malta, yet this market is growing each year as more and more homes and businesses turn their focus towards energy efficiency. Yet these solar panels are a big commitment, and need careful cleaning and maintenance to ensure that they work to their maximum efficiency and capacity throughout their functional working lives. Clentec have a wide range of equipment including cranes other lifting devices to allow their cleaning to reach all areas of the panels. All staff is expertly trained in the cleaning of solar panels and are assisted by cranes, hydraulics platforms and other lifting devices allowing the cleaners to reach even the toughest areas.

Tall buildings with multiple windows, crevices and unusual shapes require expert cleaning and no less expert equipment. In order to reach the highest and most difficult places you need the services of an expert cleaning company.

Clentec Cleaning was established in Malta  to assist domestic homes as well as corporate clients in everything from their day to day cleaning requirements to the larger jobs including first time cleans, emergency flood cleaning services and window and solar panel cleaning. Image is everything for businesses in Malta, and a glossy corporate image starts with clean and polished floors, hygienic and smart staff, and an office space that is well maintained and taken care of. The type of equipment used can also help; everything from choosing the correct environmentally-friendly cleaning products such as detergents, to making sure that all of the necessary safety equipment and procedures are in place.

For many years now the cleaning services industry in Malta has kept up with the changing demands and Clentec is no exception. Founded in 2009, this company today offers a comprehensive list of cleaning services ranging from daily cleaning, window cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, floor polishing, one-off cleaning to high level and external cleaning. Our clients range from hotels, hospitals, ring roads, offices, public and private schools and private residences up to the leisure, retail and commercial sectors. All of our cleaning services can be tailor-made to suit individual needs and budgets and the focus is always on a personalised and rounded service that delivers what it promises. Start up support services are also offered, and we can provide round-the-clock support and service personnel, able to assist you should anything go wrong.

Clentec Cleaning ensures that you always create the right impression, whilst always providing a safe and clean environment for your employees and clients.


Keeping the Home Clean - Cleaning Services in Malta

There is nothing more important to one’s health and wellbeing than being able to live, work and rest in a clean, hygienic and safe environment. Day to day cleaning rituals may seem cumbersome, but their importance cannot be underestimated. Bacteria, dust mites, dangerous chemicals and other contaminants can lurk in even the smallest of spaces.

In the commercial environment, image, cleanliness and health and safety are everything. Whether you are a small family business or a large corporation, a shopping centre, fitness centre, spa, showroom, factory, hospital or school, a clean environment creates the right impression of an organised and conscious company that provides a safe and pleasant environment for all staff and guests.

There are many ways that you can protect the welfare of you and the people around you, even before you need to request the help of professionals. There are many daily tips which you can use in the home, and routines to ensure that you always stay on top of the workload.

Often, a thorough clean is what is needed in order to rejuvenate the mind and to enhance one’s wellbeing. From maid services to carpet and upholstery cleaning, floor cleaning, waxing and polishing; a clean space feels like a new home environment. Even for those hard to reach areas of the home; do not simply ignore those dusty solar panels and those high windows; take the necessary health and safety precautions and hire a professional cleaner, one who has all of the equipment and expertise to do the job in a safe and efficient manner.

The kitchen is the most important area to keep clean, and in Malta kitchens are kept thoroughly clean and hygienic from the floor upwards. Keeping the kitchen clean and sanitary is critical, particularly when the kitchen is shared with children and/or pets. Where raw food is cooked and handled, it is vital to follow cleaning procedures to ensure that nothing is contaminated and bacteria is kept away from cooked food, cutlery and kitchen sides. Regular disinfecting, using of plastic colour-coded cutting boards, washing hands between preparing different foods, and maintaining the fridge at the correct temperature (2.7 degrees Celsius) all ensure that the kitchen is safe and sanitary.

For those who suffer from asthma and allergies, cleaning the home regularly and following advice can make breathing indoors much easier. The most indispensable tool to use in no doubt the vacuum cleaner; you can ensure that all furniture, fabrics, upholstery, vents and crevices are regularly cleaned from dust which can contain pollen granules and other allergens. If you have fans or air-conditioning units, ensure that the vents and blades are wiped and dusted regularly, and that the air-filters are kept clean and changed when necessary. Even allergens from pet hairs, chemical cleaners and aerosols can linger in carpets and upholstery, and poor ventilation and Malta’s humidity can only add to the problem.

At Clentec, we understand the pressures of busy households and we also understand that here in Malta, image means everything. From keeping floor clean and waxed to ensuring that the office is kept tidy and organised, we can assist you in all day-to-day cleaning issues and the bigger tasks too.

Clentec Cleaning in Malta offers a wide range of specialist cleaning services tailor-made to suit your needs, and these include emergency cleaning, floor cleaning and polishing, solar panel cleaning and turnkey projects.