Our People

Experienced & Dedicated

Our Management team are all experienced in their fields and continuously train to improve themselves and the company to keep it in the lead.

Clentec Limited ensures that all its operatives from Director to cleaning staff receive the same detailed training throughout. We believe that investment in training leads to better staff retention, greater commitment and increased productivity. This in turn, produces high standards and continually satisfied clients. All training is documented and company training guides are in place for all technical skills to ensure a consistent approach.

Recruitment is one of the key ingredients in supplying a first class service.

We recruit carefully and responsibly, mindful of the legislation on anti-discrimination and mindful of rules governing foreign workers.

To date the company employs around 350 cleaners. As part of our policy we take care and do our best to employ candidates of good character prior to their engagement with our company. Foreign workers must show that they have an acceptable understanding of English to comply and understand their Health and Safety responsibilities. As a security measure only those who can match our criteria are employed. We also ensure that we have all necessary documentation including a police conduct certificate and a full medical certificate certifying that the person is free from all contagious diseases such as Hepatitis etc.

All members of staff are employed directly by us as we feel by personally selecting and training our workforce, we can be confident in the level of service we offer. Prior to start up all are vetted by the Malta Police.