Learn to Achieve

Continuous Training Sessions

Training is given prior to engagement.

Each member must undergo no less than 6 basic modules in cleaning. Our expert trainer has studied with The British Institute of Cleaning Science. Besides refresher courses, teams undergo further training in Advanced levels in new procedures or methods.

Cleaning Training Course

The course provides students with the basic knowledge, skills, and competences related to general cleaning methods. Through the course, the skills gap generated by cleaners who learn the trade through past experience at work and at home due to a lack of formal education and training is bridged. This vocational training programme provides CLENTEC’s personnel with an understanding of interpersonal skills and allows growth in oneself to thus furthering their chances with the cleaning industry.

Following a skills gap-analysis and a consultation with CLENTEC’s management, a proffesional agency have created a training programme which factors in and ameliorate the typical weaknesses and strengths of each induvial. In order to ensure that all trainees, regardless of their intrinsic learning capabilities, reap the benefits of CLENTEC’s in-house training, an extremely interactive approach is undertaken. In this regard, 50% of the course material is based on theory and the remaining 50% is based on practical sessions. To this effect, CLENTEC’s staffs are given the tools to embrace the profession’s theoretical aspect and are given the opportunity to turn theory into practice in a supervised environment.

The final objective of this training programme is to provide CLENTEC’s employees with a theoretic and practical anchor upon which they can continue to build their skill-set through ongoing hands-on experience and customer relations.

This course is intended to help CLENTEC’s staff develop the skills required of a professional in the cleaning industry. By ensuring that CLENTEC’s staff are trained to the highest standard, the company strives to provide its customers with a unique and superior service.

The aforementioned course contains the following Core Topics:

a) Colour Codes;
b) Basic Procedures for Cleaning and Polishing a Variety of Surfaces;
c) Dusting, Damp Wiping, Washing, and Polishing;
d) Floor Covering Types;
e) Equipment, Materials, and Supplies;
f) Basic Cleaning Procedures for Hard Floors;
g) Basic Cleaning Procedures for Carpeted Floors; and
h) Toilet Area Cleaning, Basic Bathrooms, Showers.

Following the successful completion of this course, trainees shall therefore be in a position to:

1. Understand the essential elements and the importance of:

- Proficiency Cleaning;
- Chemistry Relating to Cleaning;
- Basic Cleaning of Above Floor Surfaces and Hard Floor Surfaces;
- Basic Cleaning of Carpeted Floor Surfaces; and
- Basic Cleaning of Bathroom and Toilet Areas; while follow good working practices in all aforementioned areas;

2. Understanding and describing different types of colour coding and machinery. Students will also be able to carry out correct procedures and locate safe places of storage;

3. List types of cleaning agents and their use;

4. Explain the importance of using personal protective equipment in various situations;

5. Understand procedures related to how to prepare work areas prior to commencing particular cleaning procedures;

6. Explain the importance of marking and labelling in the cleaning sector; and

7. Describe correct procedures when cleaning different types of floor services and above floor surfaces.