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Window Cleaning you can Count on

Our company has a dedicated department which specialises in window cleaning. Our professional window cleaners are highly experienced at carrying out work using all window cleaning methods, we can clean any property regardless of its size or location. Our clients are guaranteed quality service at a competitive price.

We can clean windows and blinds inside and out in high-rise buildings business parks, department stores, shopping centres, sports centres, leisure centres,, commercial offices, showrooms, banks, hotels, supermarkets and schools. Our trained team will wash your window and door frames in the process. All equipment used in the process is checked for safety on a regular basis.

Window cleaning is also a vital part of property maintenance, increasing the life of your frames, fly screens and the glass itself by removing corrosive materials such as pollution, dust, mould, sea spray and mineral deposits found in tap water. Clean windows also let in a lot more natural light therefore can change the mood of your entire house or office space. It can be hard, however, and potentially dangerous, to reach windows that are high up or out of the way, so why not relax and let Clentec Cleaning give your windows the best clean they’ve ever had?

Residential Window Cleaning
Increased natural light will allow more light to come through your windows. With clean windows, you won’t deal with smoke residue from candles or cooking. We’ll make sure your windows don’t have any dirty films or debris. Better longevity: When you hire our window cleaners, you ensure that your windows last as long as possible. Like anything else, regular maintenance keeps windows functioning efficiently.

Commercial Window Cleaning
Clentec Cleaning is equipped to handle any commercial window cleaning project you may have. From traditional methods to more advanced methods to reach higher floors, we can handle window cleaning for your commercial property. The windows in your business are just as important as they are in a person’s residential home, and window cleaning brings you all of the same benefits, like increased natural light and longevity. In addition, clean windows give a great impression to potential clients and customers. We make sure your business looks as professional and pristine as possible.


Window Cleaning with High-Up Service

Clentec Cleaning Services offer a high-up service for window cleaning. Achieving spotless window cleaning on high-res buildings is no easy task, however we at Clentec Cleaning due to our equipment and experience will get the job done efficiently. 


We ensure and believe that investment in training our cleaners leads to better staff retention, greater commitment and increased productivity. This in turn, produces high standards and continually satisfied clients. All training is documented and company training guides are in place for all technical skills to ensure a consistent approach. We have the latest industry standards training, and public liability insurance to cover all our cleaners. 


Service List

  • Internal Cleaning
  • External Cleaning
  • Window Frame Cleaning
  • Flyscreen Cleaning
  • Skylight Cleaning
  • Glass Awning Cleaning
  • Post Building Clean
  • Storm Window Cleaning

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Now Is the Time for a Clean Start

Moving-in Cleaning with our Services
Of course, excitement comes with also stress, as you need to clean up this new place. Clentec Cleaning Services is here to help. We have organized and planned move-in cleaning services and our team of professional cleaners will deliver that sparkling clean new place. It is recommended to book your move-in cleaning appointment with Clentec Cleaning Services only after you have already finished with your renovation or other fixings in your new place, as more dust will build-up, and then, you will need more cleaning.

Working on your Time Frame
We understand that when you move to a new property, many things must be planned well in a strict time frame. At Clentec Cleaning Services, our priority is to meet your deadlines, and we will adapt to your schedule. We strongly believe in communication, so, when you set your deadline, we can assure you that your place will be ready and sparkling clean at the time of your move-in. 

Our experienced team will also deeply disinfect your new place to move into a germ-free place. We are here to exceed your expectations.

Whether you are renovating or building a new home or office, you can benefit from our professional cleaning services. Since our inception, we've developed a desirable reputation as a leader in the highly competitive cleaning market and have recently set up a new department focused on First Time Cleans, Post-Construction Cleaning and Renovation Cleaning.

Other Cleaning Services
We offer a number of other cleaning services in Malta from First Time Cleans, Window Cleaning, Window Cleaning with High-Up Service, Office Cleaning, Home & Office Sanitisation, Post Construction Cleaning, Hospitals & Clinics Cleaning, Emergency Sanitisation Cleaning, Outsource Cleaning, Communal Area Cleaning, Carpet, Floor, Upholstery Cleaning, Spring Cleaning, Laundry & Ironing, Solar Panel Cleaning, Flood Emergency Services, Waxing & Polishing and Vehicle Sanitisation Cleaning.

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Other Cleaning Services