Company Profile & History

Clean & Healthy Environment

Our main objective is to focus on providing excellent service at a competitive rate. We consider this to be a major contribution towards our clients, thus providing a service with full value for money. We have the technology to keep things efficient and the people to keep things personalised. With years of hands-on experience in the cleaning industry, Simon Turner, our founder and director, decided that it was time to start delivering a service that was second to none. Today the company prides itself that it has achieved its goals and has become one of the most exciting new and experienced cleaning companies in Malta.

Our clients range from hotels, boutique hotels, self-catering apartments, restaurants, bars, clinics, supermarkets, hospitals, ring roads, offices (public and private), schools (public and private), and private residences up to the leisure, retail, and commercial sectors.

Start-Up Support for all new potential clients or contracts. We provide a tailor-made service that suits your requirements. This may include helping you decide the type of work that is required and the frequency.

Clentec Cleaning Limited will take all the unnecessary burdens from you such as National Insurance, Leave, Sick Leave, Bonuses, Hiring and Firing of Staff and any other problems that you could come across.

Our main objective is to provide excellent service at a competitive rate.

We consider this to be a major contribution towards our clients, thus providing a service with full value for money. Doing it Right the first time Every time is part of our Motto. 

The Company also helps provides round-the-clock support and trained personnel that can help our clients solve their problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Clentec Limited was launched in late 2009, but the Company began its business life providing cleaning and housekeeping services in early 2001.

Cleaning Expertise

We prepare individual specifications for every client, outlining exactly which tasks you need us to do and where you need us to clean. Our operatives handle all routine or more specialist cleaning tasks with ease and efficiency.

Dusting damp wiping and polishing - windows, window frames, window sills, doors, mirrors, lifts, door handles, changing bulbs if required, vacuuming.

  • IT, computers, telephones, photocopiers - we use effective germicidal and biodegradable detergents for cleaning equipment and ensuring that dirt, dust and static electricity are eliminated. This will be carried out by a specially trained team.
  • Floors – scrubbing, stripping, polishing or burnishing of all hard floors. We can also apply specialised floor treatments or sealers as required.
  • Toilets and kitchens – Our trained team can carry out deep cleans in out of hours to thoroughly clean the areas. We can steam clean walls, degrease cooker hoods and contaminated areas.
  • Communal parts or External areas – we can also clean external areas the building and manage your waste.
  • Carpets – We access the type of carpets and advise the best type of clean whether it will be a steam clean or extraction cleaning we will ensure that we deliver the standard expected. We can also scotch guard heavy traffic areas
  • Upholstery - sofas, settees, armchairs, chairs, dining chairs, leather suites and mattresses and soft furnishings. Our operatives are thoroughly trained to clean every type of fabric, so they know how to remove even the most stubborn stains safely and effectively.
  • Windows – we can clean windows and blinds inside and out in high rise buildings business parks, department stores, shopping centre or sports centre and leisure centres. Our trained team will wash your window and door frames in the process. All equipment used in the process is checked for safety on a regular basis.

 One-Off Cleans, Spring Cleaning & Builders Cleans

From factory cleaning, new building cleaning, kitchen equipment cleaning, hygiene cleaning, marble renovation or laundry services, Clentec has it covered.

Whether it's an office, shop, restaurant, clinic, airport or school, we provide professional cleaning services tailored to your requirements. We also offer a comprehensive range of maintenance window cleaning, floor scrubbing and polishing. A range of consumables is also available.

Our team is also supplied with the necessary PPE and COSHH data of the chemicals they employ.


Whether it’s your oven that needs cleaning or your guest house require all supplies, our company can supply you with most products. We also have on offer a range of colour-coded buckets and microfibre cloths, window cleaning squeegees, and sponges. We also offer laundry detergents as well as household chemicals such as kitchen & bathroom cleaners, colour coded bags, bins and paper products.

Clentec sales team will be happy to discuss your requirements and offer you the best possible price. For bulk buying, we can also deliver to your establishment.


Our premises had to be expanded and great care was taken to ensure a clean, comfortable environment is provided to our staff. 

We have kept the same open door policy as it is through our staff that we continuously learn about our clients. Meetings are held and logged on regular basis. During such meetings we discuss ways to motivate our staff, and how we can improve our services.

Our vans are perfect for transporting our cleaners and their equipment, detergents and cleaning products across the island. All of our vans are branded with our Clentec Limited logo and trademark blue colour. Our cleaning vehicles range from small vans to trucks and cherry pickers for window cleaning and large industrial cleaning jobs across Malta.